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Full moon in Ine Bay

Around 6 pm on February 27, 3rd year of Reiwa A full moon appeared from the top of the mountain on the opposi...

New home page open!!!

The new homepage of Seaside inn Kamome has been opened. Information about facilities and the contents of dish...


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Enjoy breathtaking scenery


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city,
To a special room where you can feel the sound of the waves and the sea breeze.
A special time in a special place.

Make use of fishermans town, we offer seasonal food with outstanding freshness. Every morning, the owner goes to Ine fishing port to buy fish. Please enjoy the seasonal fish that you can only taste here in Ine town. There is also crab course for in winter.

If you look out from your room, you can enjoy a magnificent view.
The pleasant sea waves makes you relax.
Our Inn only accept one group a day so you can stay here without meeting other guests.

We have opened for 25 years as a restaurant Kamome. Please spend a relaxing time looking at beautiful Funaya sceneries.


Seasonal dishes


A proud dish that uses seasonal fishes caught at Ine port.
In winter, you can enjoy delicious dishes such a Crab or Yeallotail(Buri) course.

Accommodation Plan

1 adult fee ( *1 adult fee when stay 2 people / including 10% Tax )
B&B plan
11,000 yen ~
Taimeshi ( Sea Bream) plan
16,500 yen ~
Crab hot pot plan
Current market price
Yeallowtail(Buri) Shabu plan
17,600 yen ~

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